About Manojit Majumdar

Manojit Majumdar, a seasoned author and sales professional with over 35 years of experience, currently plays a crucial role at Newgen Software, a billion-dollar market-valued company, where he’s in charge of building partner networks across 70 countries. Before Newgen, Manojit worked at IBM, serving as the Country Manager for Small Deals business in India/South Asia. He has worked with many other small and mid-size organizations.

Throughout his extensive career, Manojit has had the opportunity to explore business landscapes in 40-plus countries, gaining insights into the diverse challenges faced by businesses of all sizes.

His first book, “Lamb leading Lions – Why we do not have Microsoft or Google in India,” found success on Amazon’s hot seller list, showcasing Manojit’s ability to connect with readers and shed light on the unique hurdles businesses encounter in India.

Manojit’s dedication to learning is evident in his participation in executive courses at prestigious institutions like Harvard Business School (Global Business) and Wharton (Artificial Intelligence).

As he gears up to release his second book, readers can expect down-to-earth insights and practical wisdom on ethical sales, growth strategies, and the specific challenges that small and medium-sized enterprises often face. With a humble approach and a wealth of experience at IBM and Newgen Software, Manojit Majumdar remains a relatable voice in the world of sales and business leadership.