Selling is Not Cheating

Selling does not mean blabbering unnecessarily to win some debate. The concept of selling a comb to a bald man is a bad example. Solving a customer’s problem is selling, not selling a dream they know will never come true.

People start organisations with a dream and often do not prepare for the sales aspect of the business. Many assume that good products sell on their own or products with maximum features combined with a low price are a recipe for success and get shocked when these theories don’t work. So, how do you survive and grow?

Most management books emphasise and have case studies of successful mega-organizations with exceptional talent, deep pockets, and a legacy of success. However, countless small and medium-sized businesses lack access to such resources. How can these businesses thrive and grow?

The book “Selling IS Not Cheating” should help.

Lamb Leading Lions

Why don’t we have a Google or Microsoft from India?

Indians run mega organizations like Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, Twitter etc but the same Indians have failed to create a Google in India. Governments in the west have put visa restrictions to stop our skilled workers as they can’t compete with us. Our skills are unmatched. Still, we are not able to build a billion-dollar product company here in India.

What is stopping us in India? What is stopping us from becoming global giants?

We are a classic case study of Lamb leading the lions, hence even the lions behave like lambs and blindly follow.

Is that the reason why we run multi-billion-dollar organizations like IBM, Pepsi, Twitter et al successfully in the west but don’t build such huge mega organizations in this country?

It’s a war which we seem to be losing. Think why we have limited or no innovation here when the same Indians go to the US and win Nobel prize for their work.

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee. Time is running out.