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Why don’t we have a Google or Microsoft from India?

Indians run mega organizations like Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, Twitter etc but the same Indians have failed to create a Google in India. Governments in the west have put visa restrictions to stop our skilled workers as they can’t compete with us. Our skills are unmatched. Still, we are not able to build a billion-dollar product company here in India.

What is stopping us in India? What is stopping us from becoming global giants?

We are a classic case study of Lamb leading the lions, hence even the lions behave like lambs and blindly follow.

Is that the reason why we run multi-billion-dollar organizations like IBM, Pepsi, Twitter et al successfully in the west but don’t build such huge mega organizations in this country?

It’s a war which we seem to be losing. Think why we have limited or no innovation here when the same Indians go to the US and win Nobel prize for their work.

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee. Time is running out.



MANOJIT MAJUMDAR has 34 years of working experience in different Indian organizations and Multinationals. He has worked with established big giants like IBM and with small startups, too. He lived in various cities in India and in the USA.

From Milan to Sao Paulo and from Mongolia to Colombia, he has travelled across 40+ countries, primarily for business and sometimes for pleasure. He has created a network of business partners across 70 countries around the world to scale up and increase reach.

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